Science City Of Muñoz

Binibining Lungsod Agham 2014

A night of glamour and elegance depicts the Binibining Lungsod Agham ng Munoz that was held last January 18, 2014. Several aspiring beautiful ladies of Munoz joined the competition. All candidates were screened properly to pick the best candidate to represent the city.

The ladies dressed in their night gown amazed the crowd with beauty and elegance, the true epitome of beauty. Another part of the competition, the much awaited swimsuit competition had make the crowd up to their feet just to take a glance to these gorgeous ladies in their swim wear. As all beauty pageants goes, a beauty queen not only possesses beauty but brains as well, a must have to represent a city of innovation in science and technology. Several questions were raised to test the intellectual ability to answer questions with confidence and conviction.

After tallying all the scores from the judges, the prestigious title Binibining Lungsod Agham ng Munoz 2014 is candidate No. 2, Ms. Ma. Arian Salimbay of Barangay Magtanggol. The runners up were candidate No. 9 Ms. Alpha Galvan of Barangay Poblacion East, 1st runner-up, candidate No. 1, Ms. Gennalie Evangelista of Barangay Catalanacan, 2nd runner up, and candidate No. 17, Ms. Nabelyn Luciano of Barangay Maligaya won 3rd runner up.

All winners of the pageant were presented during the Grand Street Parade in their float last January 20, 2014.

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