Science City Of Muñoz

Bungkos Palay Dance Company 2014

     The Science City of Muñoz’s very own world class and incomparable dance troupe, Bungkos Palay Dance Company launched several fund raising shows within the city. Being a group of best local dancers that showcases several Filipino dances endemic in our country, the group serves as a means to reintroduce and strengthen these dances despite of the new trends presented and widespread modernization in all aspects.

     The chosen venues for these remarkable shows were Annex and Pag-asa Gym dated February 13 and February 26, 2014 respectively. The group chose students from different schools within the city as their audience. This is to introduce and strengthen the cultural diversity and grandeur of the country to the young generation.

     The event was enjoyed by all participants viewing spectacular dances accompanied by lively music, colorful costumes and excellent local dancers. The rich cultural heritage of Filipinos pictured in the form of dances evolving along with the age of innovation.

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