Science City Of Muñoz

City Agriculture and Fishery Council

     CAFC (City Agriculture and Fishery Council) of Science City of Muñoz supported the implementation of Department of Agriculture programs. They commit themselves in obtaining development in their own barangays through participation in different activities and promotion of agricultural technologies not only to enhance crop productivity but also cooperation among other farmers in the community.

     The CAFC Science City of Muñoz was awarded as the outstanding CAFC for the National Gawad Saka Award last December 9, 2015 at the PICC (Philippine International Convention Center), where they received cash prize worth of 50,000 pesos from the DA of region III and 300,000 pesos from the national for the project fund.

     The PCAF (Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries) evaluated and visited the projects of CAFC.

     CAFC had already 3 consecutive winnings in the regional level. So far, the highest production of the city was on the year 2011, where 6.3 tons of rice is the average yield per hectare. They are trying to beat the record of 2011 for the city to be able to join the search for the outstanding rice achievers in 2016.

     There will be representatives from CAFC who will compete for the search for outstanding CAFC chairman and integrated rice farmers for 2016-2017. To qualify for the integrated rice farmers, he/she should be taking care of animals, owns vegetable farm, rice farm and fish pond where all farms must be located in one area only.

     The Agriculture Department of the city distributed 5000 bags of SLA subsidized seed to encourage farmers to plant hybrid rice because the production is higher than the inbred rice.

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