Science City Of Muñoz

Carabao Festival

     The Uhay Festival, a fun activity was conceptualized by the city government in partnership with the Philippine Carabao Center their own version of Carabao Festival. Activities includes, milk drinking contest, presentation of the prettiest carabao and determining the heaviest carabao in the locality.

     The milk drinking contest was joined by individuals of all ages to patronize our own fresh carabao milk while participants get to enjoy it for free.

     January 2014 marks a day were carabaos get dressed and groomed properly and compete for the title “The Prettiest Carabao.” From a number of aspirants, the carabao from Bantug won the title.

     Another contest held was a search for the heaviest carabao in the locality and the biggest contender was from Catalanacan.

     The Carabao Festival, a proof of the growing and promising Carabao industry of the Science City of Munoz a commendable product rightfully tagged as, “ Anggatasngkalabawsa Munoz di langmasarapat masustansya, and kalabaw dito maganda at malusog pa.”

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