Science City Of Muñoz

5th Phase of the “Municipal Climate Partnerships” Project

The International Kick-off Workshop of the 5th Phase of the “Municipal Climate Partnerships” Project was held last July 12, 2016 at the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), Science City of Munoz.

It was attended by our city mayor Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez Ph.D., our city vice mayor Hon. Tekila Grace DV Alvarez-Pineda together with some of the employee of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Science City of Munoz.

The chosen presenter of the municipality shared the motivation of the metropolis/town to participate in the project and the status of their partnership, each municipality were given maximum of 10 minutes to present.

There were 6 presenter, first presenter was Dumangas, Philippines and Herdecke, 2nd was Hoan Kiem (Hanoi), Viet Nam and Lichtenberg von Berlin, 3rd was Hoi An, Vietnam and Wernigerode, 4th was Lubang, Philippines and Ebhausen, 5th was Munoz, Philippines and Marburg and the last was Surkhang VDC, Dhye Village Nepal and Colbe.

A festivity for our International Visitors was held last July 14, 2016 at Pag-Asa Gym, Science City of Munoz. The night was full of fun and dancing, many intermission numbers were done to show case the talents of the people of Munoz.

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