Science City Of Muñoz

CUMNE Officers Oathtaking

     Success cannot be achieved alone, with this taken into prime consideration, the local government with the City Cooperative Development Office as frontline in ensuring that local cooperatives attain their mission and vision. Several existing cooperatives within the city joined together in a strong partnership to form the Cooperative Union of Muñoz Nueva Ecija which aims to empower and enrich cooperatives endeavors and activities by working hand in hand and with proper supervision and help from the local government.

     March 24, 2014 dates the formal presentation of the CUMNE to the Science City of Muñoz as all officers were inducted and taken their oath to perform their duly assigned position with dignity and competence as sworn before the municipal mayor, Nestor L. Alvarez and witnessed by all LGU employees.

     The city is at a progressive pace of acting in line with the millennium development goal of eradicating poverty and delivering quality way of living for all its constituents.

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