Science City Of Muñoz

Drum and Lyre Competition

     Eleven schools in the elementary level participated in the Drum and Lyre Competition that was held at the Science City of Munoz Pag-Asa Gym last January 20, 2016.

     The competition was open to all public and private elementary school in the Science City of Munoz, the criteria for judging are the following: Musicality 40 percent, performance 40 percent and overall impact 20 percent.

     The opening program started with an Invocation and singing of the Munoz Hymn. Mr. Nelween M. Gan, Chairman of the Drum and Lyre Competition gave his message.

     The members of the board of judges were Mr. Edgar P. Villa Juan, Prof.Carlos N. Lamson Jr., Mr. Jose Barcelo, Jr. and Dr. Gereno R. Antonio, chairman.

     At the end of the program, Dr. Gereno R. Antonio announced the winners.

     The 3rd place is contestant no. 1, Deped CLSU; 2nd place is contestant no. 6, San Felipe Elementary School and the 1st place is contestant no. 10, Munoz North Central School.

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