Science City of Muñoz Pride (Darren Espanto)

Darren Espanto

     A young performer accorded as a total performer who was able to sweep the crowd through his powerful voice as showcased in the previously held competition, “The Voice Kids Philippines.” Darren was born on May 24, 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and lived with his parents, Marinel and Lyndon, who emigrated from Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines, and his younger sister named Lynelle and started singing at the age of two.

     Having the innate passion of singing, it paved the way for a young artist like Darren to soar and quest for higher opportunities and venture in every chance that may arise for his talent to even prosper. Success, achieve one step at a time and bloomed at the right timing, which is how this young superstar traversed his journey. From a simple young child to the next much awaited singing sensation who sacrificed a lot to be at the pedestal were he is right now, yet maintaining his feet on ground, is his perfect recipe of success.

     Not every one can sing, but every one who is blessed with such talent, when properly enrich is priceless. This one precious gem, pride of the Science City of Muñoz, is an addition to our list of world-class talent, being the second grand winner of “The Voice Kids Philippines,” as the start of his successful career in the Philippines, truly is a basis of his charisma.

     A champion of the young generation, by virtue of his will to succeed, his God given talent and his perseverance to put his best foot forward makes him one of the best singer to look forward to. Making every performance, with amazement and crowd off their feet and loud applause that would fill every stage he stepped in, marking his own signature style in every song. Darren remains to be an epitome of a youth going forth on a journey that would make him idolize by all Filipino youth.

     Making a destiny of his own, deciding to stay in Philippines to pursue his dream to become a great singer as per millions of his fans at stake and look forward to. Well-disciplined to assume the responsibilities coupled with what stardom he is having right now and remaining his simplicity and generosity.

     Darren Espanto, “A Total Package Performer,” and “The Next Singing Star,” are some of the title he is being linked right now, but more than that, what the people see is a boy, dreaming to pursue what he loves and enjoying it, sharing his talent to all and respectfully looking back from where he truly belongs.