Science City Of Muñoz

Employees Night 2016

     The Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) hosted the Science City of Munoz Employees Night held at the Pag-Asa Gym last January 8, 2016 attended by all of the employees from different department of the Local Government Unit (LGU) and different Institutions in the city.

     Registration and selection of best cowboy and cowgirl costume was done before the start of the program.

     CLSU Maestro Singers led the Invocation and singing of the National Anthem, followed by the Acknowledgement of Organizing Committees by Ms. Jean Gasmena, Chair of SCM Employees Night committee.

     An opening remarks was given by Dr. Arnel Del N. Barrio, PCC Acting Executive Director and a welcome remarks from our city mayor, Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D. An Intermission number was given by the CLSU Maestro Singers. Messages was given by Cong. Joseph Gilbert F.Violago of 2nd District Nueva Ecija and another from Hon. Juan Edgardo Sonny M. Angara, Senator of 16th Congress of the Philippines, delivered by Dr. Eric P. Palacpac, Chief of PCC Knowledge Management Division.

     Mr. Antonio D. Kalaw Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer of Development Academy of the Philippines gave also his message.

     After that, a special number coming from the PCC Staff and the Recognition and Awarding of Outstanding Employees by Dr. Annabelle S. Sarabia, Chief of PCC Operations. Best employee award was given to all deserving employees from different Institutions. Mr. Pepito Bautista, Mr. Melanio Claro and Ms. Juliet Samin were awarded as the best employee from the Local Government Unit (LGU).

     Another special number coming from the PCC staff and Special Awards for the night was announced by Dr. Nancy S. Abes, Chair of search for best in cowboy and cowgirl attire. Mr. Renato Mangabat Jr. and Ms. Dyan Gatchalian from the LGU were awarded as the best cowboy and cow girl attire.

     The night was full of music and dancing. Sounds were provided by Wave Sound Production and DJ Melvin Lapera.

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