Science City Of Muñoz

Kabataan Night 2016

     This year, the Kabataan Night was held at the Science City of Munoz Pag-Asa Gym last January 9, 2016.

     The program started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Mary Grace Salazar, Former SK Kagawad of Bantug, followed by the Philippine National Anthem conducted by Ms. Eloisa B. Navarro, SK Coordinator of Villa Isla.

     An opening remarks was given by Mr. AymandKylle Miranda, SK Coordinator President of Bantug and a message coming from our city vice mayor, Hon.Tekila Grace DV. Alvarez.

     A group named “Les Bailes” entertained the crowd with their dance number, also the lovely candidates of Ms. Munoz were introduced during that night.

     Bocal Joseph Ortiz gave his message, followed by the message of our city mayor, Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D.

     The Online Movers and and Ms. Tanya Recometa Campos showed their talents in an amazing performances.

     After was the awarding of Inter Barangay Basketball League 2015. To end the program, Mr. Jonas Rigos, Former SK President gave his closing remarks.

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