Science City Of Muñoz

Kasalang Bayan 2015

     The “Kasalang Bayan 2015” was held at Science City of Munoz, Pag-asa Gym on November 27, 2015 where 187 couples got married. Before the start of the wedding ceremony, a registration and signing of marriage certificates by the couples together with their principal sponsors were made, followed by the bridal march.

     The service started with an invocation led by Pastor Julie Havillonar and an opening remarks coming from the active City Vice Mayor, Hon. Tekila Grace D.V. Alvarez. Maestro Singers of Central Luzon State University entertained and serenaded the crowd with their beautiful rendition of “Sana’y wala ng wakas”.

     Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez solemnized and gave advice to the couples together with Pastor Felix Santua and Pastor Julie. Principal sponsors were asked to raise their right hand to give blessings to the couples. Another performance was done by the Maestro Singers, followed by Pastor Ronaldo Masangkay singing “Kailangan Kita”. Dominador A. Nazareno, 75 years old and Fililia E. Tagarino, 66 years old from Barangay Rang-ayan were the oldest couple of the day.

     Hon. Nestor Alvarez, Ph.D. and Hon. Tekila Grace D.V. Alvarez ended the ceremony by giving special gifts to all the couples.

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