Science City Of Muñoz

Medical Mission 2014

     The eye is one of the most important parts of the body whose function is very vital in all undertakings that concerns our sense of sight. An emerging problem nowadays is the increase in the number of individuals suffering from different eye illnesses either age-related or due to exposure to factors detrimental to the eyes, thus the need to educate the public on the importance of eye examination is indispensible for everyone to maintain a good eyesight.

     The local government organized a medical mission that focuses on extending effort to the general public a free access to undergo eye screening. This activity was made possible with the partnership of the Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Vice Mayor Tekila Grace dV. Alvarez and Eye Center Of Tarlac Provincial Hospital to conduct free eye check-up and cataract screening to identify individuals with high risk of developing eye illnesses, treatment of clients with eye conditions and encouraging people to observe measures to protect the eyes from harmful environmental factors and methods to take care of our sense of sight. The medical mission was held at Pag-asa Gymnasium last February 26, 2014 and attended all Science City of Muñoz citizens who are in need of medical attention for Eye examination.

     With this project serving as a head start to ensure a city free from controllable eye conditions and to hasten the effect of age-related eye illnesses among the constituents, the city is on for a brighter and clearer horizon.

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