Science City Of Muñoz

City wide Medical Mission Launched

     Health is our frontline in everyday living; it is the foundation of how an individual can perform activities of daily living independently. It is one of our primary concern and right of everyone. Due to the high cost of health services and goods, most people often set aside one’s health, thus the role of the local government of the Science City of Muñoz as per the able administration of Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D. together with all Department Heads to extend quality services to 37 barangays that comprises the city.

     Medical and Dental missions were continuously launched and made readily accessible and available to every constituents. Competent medical practitioners spearheaded the quest for a healthy community through bringing these practitioners to immediate clientele in every Barangay in need of medical attention. Eyeglasses, medicines and other goods were given to respective individuals and information was properly disseminated to produce health conscious citizens. Surely creating an avenue and additional effort to attain the set millennium development goal.

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