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2018 SGLG Evaluation of Science City of Muñoz

The Science City of Muñoz, the first science city in the country, being one of the awardees of SGLG, is committed to attain its vision to be an exemplar of good local governance, progressive and globally competitive, promoting the application of agricultural science, technologies, culture and the arts in an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

The new core areas set for SGLG 2018 are Financial Administration; Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection; Peace and Order; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Environmental Protection; and Tourism Culture and the Arts from the previous 4 + 1 criteria which further elevates the challenge for LGU to institute needed and required reforms.

Evaluation for the Seal of Good local Governance (SGLG) or Pagkilala Sa Katapatan At Kahusayan Ng Pamahalaang Lokal of Science City of Muñoz was held this August 22, 2018. A short program with Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D., City Mayor, Ms. Rosie J. Sabiniano, City Local Government Operations Officer, department heads, City Officials and some presentation from the Bungkos Palay Dance Company performed to welcome the validators Ms. Rosalie A. Buban, LGOO VI, Team Leader; Ms. Edcela A. Gubia, LGOO V; Mr. Fortunato Abraham III, LGOO VII and Ms. Alfa Krista Cruz, LGOO V. After a short briefing given by PCSUPT Ricardo DC Zapata Jr (Ret), City Administrator and paper validation, the group proceeded for an ocular evaluation of the different facilities of the city.