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Astig TM Festival and DeMolay Battle of the Bands

ASTIG TM FESTIVAL, one of the most awaited event was held at the Science City Hall grounds. The Activity was organized by REPUBLIKA NG TM and SMIRNOFF VODKA in cooperation with Wave Sound Productions and Entertainment. The special guest band HALE entertained the crowd.

The Demolay battle of the bands was also held at the Science City Hall grounds. The 7 local bands that participated were All-course Rejects, Chug Chug Punk, Armageddon, Coming Soon, Isla Verde, 7 Down and Sparkplug. Ethereal Bliss, Choco Martin, Mike participated as guest bands. Board of judges was Engr. Armando Miranda, Mr. Remar Eugenio, Dr. Alwyn Jamandre and Mr. Mark Demer Villegas Manuel.

TArmageddon was declared champion of the Demolay battle of the bands, best bassist was Chug Chug Punk, best guitarist was Armageddon, best drummer was Chug Chug Punk and best vocalist was Sparkplug.