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Bakuran Ko Gulayan Ko Relaunching 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019, the flag raising ceremony was led by the Department of Education Region III Division of City Schools of Science City of Muñoz. After the weekly ceremony was the third relaunching of the 'Bakuran Ko Gulayan Ko' project held at the Science City of Muñoz City Hall Ground. To start the program the Chairman Committee of Agriculture Hon. Jose A. Ruiz, Jr. gave the welcoming address and a brief background of the ordinance. Meanwhile the City Agriculturist Dr. Jerry A. Rigos gave a short message for the public. Afterwards our Hon. Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D., our beloved City Mayor gave an inspirational message and challenged for Active Participation and Implementation of the Program. He, our beloved Mayor Alvarez, also led the oath taking of the Federated General Parents-Teachers Association (GPTA) for all elementary and secondary. Here are the GPTA officers:

Federated Parents-Teachers Association

President: Charlie E. Loranza
Vice President: Eleanor E. Liberato
Secretary: June Galica
Treasurer: Gloria T. Nuncio
Assistant Treasurer: Susan Conception
Auditor: Vergel S. Antolin
Public Information Officers:
   Franco Corpuz
   Jeffrey B. Corpuz
Peace Officers:
   Elmer M. Feliciano
   Eugenio C. Vergara
   Ronalyn G. Galapon

Schools Division Superintendent Catalina Paez, Ph.D. CESO VI and Mr. Juanito A. Palapuz accepted the challenge. The program ended with an oath taking. The principals from public and private schools, together with the Barangay Chairmen took their oath and accept the challenge to create a wonderful backyard full of vegetables. Our beloved Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez promotes and continues in motivating schools and barangay to innovate and improve their backyard vegetable farm.