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Rang-ayan TUBIG System 2nd Anniversary

The TUBIG (Tugon sa Usbong ng Buhay, Inuming-tubig ang Gabay) System 2nd Anniversary of Barangay Rang-ayan was held last September 5, 2018. Numbers of awards were given to the Local government of Science City of Muñoz because of the the TUBIG Project for its outstanding responsibility for public service and good governance to ensure environmental safety and conservation. The project was also recognized as among the city's government's better performing local programs. The systems are currently managed by the BAWASA or Barangay Water System Association. The celebration was attended by our beloved Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D, Councilor Edmond O. Balmeo, Councilor Vincent D. Alvarez, Former ABC president Jerry Fulgencio, TUBIG System Rang-ayan Chairman Dioscoro Dado and his officials, Rangayan Barangay Captain Edgardo Dizon, BAWASA officials, Sangguniang barangay and Rangayan elementary school teachers. Chairman of other barangay's TUBIG Project of Villa santos, Villa Isla, Mangandingay and San Andres also attended the Celebration.