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Science City of Muñoz - Barangay Night 2019

A night of bonding and festivities, that was how the event occurred at the Barangay Night 2019. Being the forefront in governing and protecting the citizens, the beloved Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D. and the Local Government Unit made this program possible to give honor or tribute to the thirty-seven barangays, its officials and constituents. Held this 23rd of January 2019 during the 6th Uhay Festival at the Science City of Muñoz, Pag-Asa Gymnasium, the program started at 8:00 in the evening. Excitement filled the crowd as the constituents from the barangays started to gather at the venue at 7:00 in the evening. Pastor Felix Santua headed the prayer asking for guidance and giving thanks. Present at the celebration were Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D., Vice Mayor Ramon Angelo R. Coronel, Coun. Allan S. Pingol, Coun. Rodney S. Cabrera, Coun. Edmond J. Balmeo, Coun. Vincent DV Alvarez, Coun. Bienvenido H. Paulino, Coun. Vivencio C. Cajucom, Coun. Herminio F. Salcedo, Coun. Eliseo C. Villanueva, PSupt. Gerald Licyayo, Ms. Armi Alvarez, Cabanatuan Vice Mayor Dr. Anthony Umali, Former Bokal Joseph "" Ortiz, Former Councilor Roylan Orpilla, former ABC President Jerry Fulgencio, barangay chairmen and officials from the 37 different barangay of the Science City of Muñoz under the leadership of ABC President and Brgy. Chairman of Villa Nati, Mr. Alexander Natividad and Ms. Rosie J. Sabiniano, CLGOO VI of DILG as well as former Brgy. Chairmen. The Three Termer "Punong Barangay" including Mr. Rene S. Ibarra from Linglingay, Mr. Mario G. Antonio from Balante, Mr. Jerry S. Fulgencio from Cabisuculan, Mr. Bienvenido P. Pascual from Calabalabaan, Ms. Jocelyn Desisto from Mapangpang, Mr. Mario D. Ulpindo from Naglabrahan, Mr. Alejandro U. Suniega, Jr. from Rizal and Mr. Danilo S. Castillo from Labney were given acknowledgment by handing them certificate of recognition for serving three consecutive terms of being in the position. The Master of Ceremony for the Night is Mister Jayromie Aromin. The "Bakuran Ko, Gulayan Ko" 2018 winners were awarded, the Top 10 Best Barangays were Licaong, Naglabrahan, Bical, Catalanacan, Magtanggol, Maragol, Villa Nati, Villa Isla and Villa Cuizon. The Top 3 Winners were given cash prizes, trophy and Certificate of Recognition. First place was Linglingay with a corresponding prize of P50,000.00. 2nd placer was Calabalabaan with P30,000.00 and San Antonio ranked 3rd with P20,000.00 cash prize. Outstanding Household Food Production Awardees were given P8,000.00 individually for their accomplishments. They were Ms. Juvita Aroenia, Mr. Michael Salazar, Mr. Henaro Lomboy all from Calabalabaan. Ms. Marina Manzano and Mr. Marlon Lomboy all from Cabisuculan. Ms. Ernalin Lagasca from Palusapis, Mr. Severino Baysa and Ms. Milagros Apan from Maragol. Mr. Alejandro Olivo from Villa Isla and Ms. Aquilina Manuel from Bagong Sikat. Individuals possessing "green thumb" from three different barangays of Muñoz won for the Outstanding Household Garden. Ms. Mary Ann Antonio from Bical was the Champion who got P25,000.00 prize, Mr. Rodolfo Lagasca from Palusapis won the 2nd place with a corresponding P20,000.00 and from Bagong Sikat, Ms. Evangeline Torres attained the 3rd place with P10,000.00. Seven (7) bicycles and seven (7) big boxes of gifts were all given in the raffle draw to lucky residents from different barangays. Dance performances from Mayor's Scholars - Student Urban Group, Extreme Corridor from Bical, and Zumba Dance led by the dance instructors entertained everyone who participated in the event.