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The UHAY Grand Parade

Marching under the sun, everyone had their faces lit up with smiles as they participated in the parade that happened last 20th of January, 2019 that started from Bahamas, Science City of Muñoz. Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D led the parade together with the Philippine National Police, LGU officials, Knights of Columbus, Science City of Muñoz Scholars, OFW Federation, Katolikong Nagbabahay-Bahay, Barangay Health Workers, FSCAP - Senior Citizen, Barangay Nutrition Scholar Federation - BNS, CSWDO - Federation of Child Dev. Workers, 4P's Parent, SCM Tubig Project, Muñoz AFP Retirees Association Inc., CLSU ROTC, CLSU Employees, CLSU Security Force (USF), Philippine Center for Post-Harvest PhilMech, PhilMech Riders, Philippine Carabao Center with their mascot, Calisitan Elem. School, Catalanacan Multi-purpose Cooperative, Inc. Phi Beta Rho Confraternity, Department of Agriculture BFAR - NFFTC, Department of Environment and Natural Resources CENRO - Muñoz, MNHS - Main STE, Special Program in Journalism, Special Program in Foreign Laguage - Spanish, Special Program in Foreign Laguage - Chinese Mandarin, MNHS Annex, MNHS Annex Senior High School, MNHS Main - Senior High School. Schools and institutions such as CLSU, PhilMech, BFAR, PhilRice, DepEd, Daycare - Bantug, Hellen Keller Montessori Inc., Muñoz United Methodist Church Learning Center, PHILREC Partylist, M Lhullier, Catholic Women's League and LGU with the winners of the Mutya ng Lungsod Agham ng Muñoz had their floats displayed. Moreover, Gabaldon Integrated School, Magtanggol Integ. School, Linglingay Elem. School, Villa Nati Elem. School, Sapang Cauayan Elem. School, San Felipe Elem. School, Mangandingay Elem. School, Villa Isla Elem. School, Franza Elem. School, Palusapis Integrated School, Bagong Sikat Elem. School, Rizal Elem. School, San Andres Elem. School, Villa Cuizon Elem. School, Licaong Elem. Labney Ricardo Biola Adriano Elem. School, Calabalabaan Elem. School, Cabisuculan Elem. School, Pandalla Elem. School, Muñoz Central School, Patrong San Sebastian, ASCOM Toda, BMEG, Bantug Primary Multi-Purpose Coop., Muñozonian JODA, Inc., and Gay Association - SCM Gays & Hairdressers' Inc.