Science City Of Muñoz

Kalinisan ng ngipin laging panatilihin, ugaliing kumain ng masustansyang pagkain

     The City Dental Office headed by Ms. Andrea F. Vasquez, DMD of the City Health Unit of Science City of Munoz organized Oral Health Month for the whole month of February with the theme “Kalinisan ng ngipin lagging panatilihin, ugaliing kumain ng masustansyang pagkain”. It aims to promote awareness of the children the benefits of dental health care. Daycare pupils, 12 to 71 months, 10 to 24 years old, 60 years old and above and pregnant mothers were the target beneficiaries of the said program.

     An oral health education for 10 to 24 years old was conducted in Munoz National High school and Munoz National High school Annex in coordination with the principal and the Health Education and Promotion Officer Ms. Daisy Juico.

     Mouth exam was done last June 2015 to identify orally fit children; brushing of teeth, a drill done every day was led by the Daycare teachers. Mouth exam was done again this February 2016 and certification was given to those orally fit children.Tooth paste and tooth brush was distributed to the daycare pupils.

     Every Friday, the City Dental Clinic has free tooth extraction for senior citizens as part of the program.

     Last February 1, 2016 the “Sabayang Pagsisipilyo ng Ngipin” was conducted in entire Region 3 with the theme “Para sa ngiting brilyo”

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