Science City Of Muñoz


A project of Philippine National Police (PNP) called “Oplan Tokhang” , a national law enforcement project was implemented all over the country. A visayan word, “TOKHANG” means to approach and talk. This was launched as part of the campaign to warn illegal drug traffickers and users to stop their activities.

A mass oath taking of 250 illegal drug users and traffickers of the city was held this 25th day of July 2016 at the Pag-Asa Gym, Science City of Munoz.

The oath taking was led by our city mayor Hon. Nestor L. Alvarez Ph.D. and witnessed/attended by the Christian Leaders Association in Munoz (CLAIM), Ms. Rosie Sabiniano, DILG Officer, Councillors Hon. Joe Ruiz and Hon. Edmond Balmeo and P/Supt. Manuel S. Hidalgo and other police officers.

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