Science City Of Muñoz

Grand Parade 2014

     Let us fiesta, a term commonly used by people in a certain locality meaning a day of merry-making and celebration. The 2014 Uhay Festival Grand Street Parade is a parade1case of bounty and prosperity of the Science City of Munoz. The Grand Street Parade is a day of collaboration and camaraderie among all institutions and individuals parade1casing the best of the city.

     Annually, the parade is joined by all institutions in the public and private sectors with their individual effort to present their creativity to the world through their floats featuring their well-known products, highly reputable services and amazing people. The parade happened last January 20,2014, and was joined by different government offices, public and private schools in the elementary and secondary level as well as university, CLSU, institutions, PCC, Casecnan, PhilMech, BFAR, PhilRice and non-governmental organizations, The Guardians Brotherhood Science City of Munoz Chapter.

     The much awaited float parade of the different sectors transpired and the best floats were awarded accordingly. The 2014 Uhay Festival winners for the best floats were as follows: DepEd-1st, Adonai Montessori School-2nd, BFAR- 3rd. Everyone’s effort in making their float to feature the leading industries,people and quality services is highly commendable.

     After the parade, a street dancing presentation of several Filipino dances were performed by the best local dance groups of the municipality. Every citizen enjoyed the event, a picture of how fiestas are in the Philippines.

     The Uhay Grand Street Parade, a symbol of celebration and things to be proud of that one day in a year the citizenry of the Science City of Munoz smiled as one.

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