Past Mayors of Science City of Muñoz

     Written along with the history of how a community achieved its present stature is the work of a skilled and competent leader, a position bestowed upon a certain individual elected by majority of the voting population through the process of election. The term “res ipsaloquitor” refers how the Science City of Muñoz at present speaks for itself on the previous and current leaders’ effort to innovate a third class community into the only science community in the country.

     The position as a city mayor is never a privilege given but rather a never ending commitment to seek an array of solutions and improvements for its’ constituents’ welfare. The leaders’ effort to maximize the city’s over-all resources to attain a city of world-class people and mind, high quality products, remarkable services and the presence of a city bounded with good governance.

     The Science city of Muñoz today was headed by the following city mayors who aided its people and community attained improvement in their way of life to totally eradicate poverty and formed partnership with science and technology as its primary means.