Science City Of Muñoz

PAROL NG BAYAN Lantern Making Contest

     Parol making is a traditional craft of Filipinos every Christmas. It is the greatest symbol of the Filipino Christmas spirit. Parol making contest shows how creative or innovative Filipinos are.

     One of the activities for the Uhay Festival is the PAROL NG BAYAN Lantern Making Contest. Twelve participants joined the contest at the Science City of Munoz, Pag-asa Gym on December 10, 2015. The Contest was open to all barangays in partnership with public elementary school per barangay, different agencies and NGO’s of the Science City of Munoz.

     The entry is made from indigenous and recyclable materials with blinking light bulbs.

     The criteria for judging are originality/novelty of the concept 25%, craftsmanship and use of indigenous materials 35%, relevance to the theme 25% and over-all impact 15%, with the total of 100%.

     The winners will receive cash prices. 3rd place will receive 10,000 pesos, 2nd place 15,000 pesos, 1st place 20,000 pesos and consolation prizes of 2,000.00.

     Awarding of the winners for the lantern making contest will be on January 13, 2015 during the barangay night.

     Everyone can view the 12 attractive parols here in the facebook page of Science City of Munoz. The Local Government Unit will give cash prize worth of 2,000.00 for the most LIKED photo.

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