Science City Of Muñoz

Rabies Awareness Month

     The City Veterinary Office of the Local Government Unit in Science City of Munoz organizes Rabies Awareness Month for March 2016. It aims to lessen or totally eliminate rabies cases in Science City of Munoz. Rabies Vaccination, Film Showing and Flyer Distribution were given free to the Barangays in Science City of Munoz.

     70% to 80% is the total target population of dogs and cats in barangays that will be vaccinated. Branding of large ruminant for their identification, deworming of small, large ruminants and dogs, vitamin administration of small, large ruminants and dogs were the free services given to the Barangays of Science City of Munoz during medical missions.

     For 2015, a total of 107 large ruminants for their identification were branded; 106 were given haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccination; 3,972 rabies vaccination and 69 in 5 in 1 vaccination.

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