Science City Of Muñoz

Riceponsableng Lungsod Agham Motorcade

     The citizens of the Science City of Muñoz acts and lives responsibly by promoting and spearheading to highly commendable activities as the city launches a program titled Riceponsableng Lungsod Agham. Rice being the staple food and indispensible in every house hold, responsible utilization of these major product of the city is a must. Every act counts to maintain adequate supply of these commodity, thus every citizen should be well educated and encouraged to participate in activities that promote conservation of rice through simple means because every grain of rice is important.

     The Riceponsableng Lungsod Agham program also recognizes the important role of Filipino farmers, being a noble profession. It introduces new alternative substitute to rice such as corn and the like and applies technologies to improve agriculture in the city and the country.

     Price of rice in the market increases every year and adds to the burden of every family, the fact that there is no shortage in the country but rather improper utilization that leads to wastage. A motorcade organized by the City Agriculture Office headed by Dr. Jerry Rigos and supported by Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, Ph.D. and several LGU employees formally launches the Science City of Muñoz as a Riceponsable City. The motorcade started at 8:00 am from the PCC to PhilRice where a program was held.

     The success of this program would rely on individual’s effort to conserve rice in any simple way we act responsibly.

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