Science City Of Muñoz

Rice Traders

     Considering rice being the staple food of all Filipino, one of the major visions of the city is to become the food basin of the country by increasing rice production through addressing all concerns of local farmers, rice traders and the buying public. As the harvest season draws near, the need to identify current and probable problems on rice production, monitor existing prices and supply of palay and rice and guarantee a boost in the agriculture industry.

     With the extended effort of the city government, led by Mayor Nestor L. Alvarez, taking the initiative to form a recognized partnership with the local government and all palay and rice traders within the city through a proper forum held last March 4, 2014 at Mayor’s Conference Hall. All concerned have agreed upon to establish a formal rice and palay traders’ organization headed by their elected officers with Mr. Elmer Villaroman as president and to be guided by rules and regulations conceptualized and passed by all members of the formed organization. This undertaking envisions setting specific standards to the operation of all local rice traders, monitoring palay traders from different cities and maintaining an open communication among them and the local government.

     The Science City of Muñoz local government, a democratic government of the people, for the people and by the people that effectively delivers continuing quality services that addresses all concerns of the citizenry in line with the millennium goal to eradicate poverty by ensuring that rice producers, traders and consumers are always well compensated.

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