Science City Of Muñoz

Strengthening the Peace and Order of the Science City of Muñoz

     Peace and order maintained is the ultimate vision of every city, for its inhabitants to enjoy life in a safe and zero crime locality. Being a city that continuously increases its economic potential poses the city to greater risk for crimes to occur and for peace and order to be disturbed, especially with the start of the new school year.

     The Peace and Order Council organized a meeting whose agenda includes the ongoing Brigada Eskwela of all public schools as well as the status of peace and order in the city with first hand update from respective authorities. It maybe a fact that crimes now a days is inevitable with varied severity, with this thing in mind, Mayor Nestor Alvarez facilitated the said meeting to resort to effective measures to reduce crime rate and if possible prevent it. Installation of CCTV cameras on identified mostly needed areas as stated on the memorandum addressed to the city mayor is soon to be implemented. The effectiveness of the said measure is dependent on the cooperation of all establishments and areas were CCTV cameras will be installed and immediate response of the municipal police district and supervision of the city’s chief executive.

     All measures will never be enough to reduce or totally eradicate crime, thus individual efforts to help maintain peace and order is also a key factor, a challenge for each to be concerned and responsible citizens.

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