Science City Of Muñoz

Blessing of Hand Tractors for Garbage Collection

     An environment friendly and concerned locality acts responsibly to protect and preserve the environment through numerous clean and green projects imposed within the city accordingly. It is not new to us that global warming is an escalating problem the whole world is facing and the need to act urgently unanimously.

     The Department of Education Division Office in the city sponsored the flag raising ceremony held last April 21, 2014 with presentations of folkdances. The event was highlighted by the blessing of hand tractors and trash cans facilitated by CLAIM together with city Vice Mayor Tekila dv. Alvarez to strengthen the ongoing clean and green program in the city. The said facilities where then turned over to the City Environment and Natural Resources Office headed by Mr. June M. Mico and are soon to be operational in mostly needed areas. This project is expected to ensure a continued effort to maintain clean environment and responsible citizens to dispose their garbage properly and collected regularly.

     These facilities are just material solution to global warming but the most vital role is played by all individuals to act and protect the environment in all possible ways by starting in proper garbage disposal.

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