Science City Of Muñoz

Operation Tuli 2014

     Summer vacation is not merely a time to relax and to have fun but also marks a much awaited event for young boys to attain manhood through circumcision, an activity highly valuable in Filipino culture for young boys to surpass the days of childhood and be regarded “binata.”

     The Local Government of Science City of Muñoz extends its support as it formally holds its annual circumcision program for young boys for free under the supervision of Vice Mayor Tekila Grace dv. Alvarez with the help of formidable medical doctors and nurses from the City Health Office. The minor operation was conducted at the Pag-asa Gymnasium last April 11, 2014 from 8 am- 12 noon followed by another batch of scheduled clients attended at the City Health Office dated April 14, 15 and 16, 2014 from 8 am- 12pm. All clients were well informed on proper wound dressing and medication to prevent any complications, antibiotics and pain relievers were given free.

     Gone are the days were young men opted to seek non-medical practitioners just to be circumcised free, for the city government opens opportunities for every citizens in need to experience quality medical services for free in equality reducing the probability of complications.

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