Science City Of Muñoz

Uhay Festival 2015

     Continuing the success of the launch of the Uhay Festival, this year’s celebration depicts the Science City of Munoz, its treasured people, enriched culture, strengthened spiritual roots, increasing economic capacity and future avenues to look forward to. A time for celebration through collaborative efforts to showcase the city’s finest at its best. A more than month long celebration for all that runs from December 9, 2014 to January 20, 2015.

     The commemoration of the transformation of Munoz to Science City of Munoz starts each Year’s celebration with the 14th Charter Anniversary on December 9. A Kick-Off Program started with a Christmas Lighting ceremony, a Lantern Making Contest entitled “Parulan sa Bayan” and a majestic fireworks display offered to its people marks its opening. This year event was lined up with many events, surely directed for to ext end various services. A merry making occasion and at the same time featuring the city’s innovative and continuously upgrading agricultural state is the highlight of the Uhay Festival.

     Winners of the “Parulan saBayan” Lantern making Contest were Villa Isla, First place, Mapangpang, second and Muñoz National High School Annex, third.

     Barangay and Inter-Commercial Basketball League was held from December 10-17, 2014 encouraging the youths to join and channel to productive and healthy means. A Dep-Ed Dance Festival was also launched to give opportunities to our school children appreciate their talents and confidently compete and learn sportsmanship and camaraderie.

     Along with the celebration of the Christmas season, the Local Government organizes a Christmas Carol Concert last December 18, 2014 entitled “Himig ng Pasko, Para sa Inyo.” The concert featured UST singers, Soprano Artist Camille Molina and Tenor Artist Abdul Candao who serenaded the Munozonians with Christmas Carols and lively music. The whole San Sebastian Parish Church was filled with Christmas songs.

     As a jumpstart to welcome the succeeding year of 2015, a Wag Wag Night and Anniversary Ball was held on December 30, 2014 followed by a Countdown to 2015 on December 31, 2015. An open party for all to celebrate the New Year with fellow citizens and a fun way to celebrate it with all. Saying goodbye to 2014 is taking all good memories and learning from all experiences from the previous to uplift and strengthen ourselves to be equipped for the succeeding year.

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