Science City Of Muñoz

Variety Show 2014

     As the sky lightened after a spectacular fireworks display, it signals the start of a night of entertainment for the constituents to enjoy. A variety show organized to showcase local talents and to sweep the crowd off their feet for their much awaited special guests.

     Different outstanding performances were presented to mesmerize the crowd. Local talents fellow citizens can be proud of with their well-rehearsed song and dance numbers.

     The night was too young and the crowd is full of energy as the gymnasium heats up as Jireh Lim and Enrique Gil showed up in the stage and performed for the people. Everyone was startled as Jireh Lim appeared and serenated them with songs and as Enrique Gil his danced his signature moves.

     Everyone in the crowd surely had a well spent night. The municipal government is worth given the credit for putting up this wonderful variety show.

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