Science City Of Muñoz

Variety Show 2015

     What better way to signal the start of a much awaited finale than a spectacular fireworks display. An almost ten(10) minutes fireworks display in front of the city hall amazed the crowd as different fireworks light up the sky that surely caught the attention of everyone.

     Simultaneous with the previous activity was a set up Variety Show at Pag-asa Gymnasium . a Hair and Fashion Show was also featured while waiting for the main and much awaited surprise artist. The crowd then goes up in their feet as actors, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo appeared on stage and performed for everyone. A feel good mood prepared for everyone and a sign that something much better to look forward to for the next celebration, the 3rd Uhay Festival, a celebration of the people.

     All painstaking collaborative had surely paid off as this year’s celebration had been successful, fun, amazingly conceptualized and genuinely crafted for the enjoyment of the people and to present what the Science City of Munoz is proudly build stronger with.

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