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The Wave Band!

Music as it may be... But it's more on the passion and love for music.. - That's how the Miranda siblings jive with each other. A combination of alternative, pop and rock music made these talented individuals deepen their blood bond.

Wrenn Wendell on drums, Ay-mard Kleine on lead guitars, Ay-mand Kaylle on vocals and bass, the youngest Armand Nissi Aizle also on vocals and Vaneza Venice on keyboards and vocals. Together they are called the WAVE Band…

As unique as their names, these youngsters' unique style and impressive choice of sound promises to create something new and different in the music scene… and as we listen to the waves of their music, you be the judge…

Band Members:

Lead & Rhythm Guitar-Ay-Mard Kleine Miranda

Vocal & bassist-Ay-mand Kaylle Miranda

Keyboard-Vaneza Venice Miranda

Drum-Wrenn Wendell Miranda

Band Manager

Armando E. Miranda

For booking

contact us on ff:

0918 945 7260

0908 882 7659

or pm us on ff:

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