Science City Of Muñoz

KAKILALA Citywide Clean Up Drive

     Emphasizing the important and vital role of women in the age of modernization as a key role in being a good housekeeper by maintaining cleanliness and at the same time performing different functions effectively hence March is dedicated to recognize all women all over the world as we celebrate Women’s Empowerment Month.

     KAKILALA (Kababaihang Kinikilala sa Lungsod Agham ng Muñoz Incorporated) is a women’s organization in the city recognized and supported by the local government that upholds its highest standards of equality among all citizenry. The city is continuously on the course of ensuring that all opportunities are fairly given and discriminations be disregarded at all times as we open the gateways of chances and welcome the modern women in workplace far beyond the stereotype.

     A city wide clean up drive was conducted last March 21, 2014 joined by members of KAKILALA, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office and our very own hardworking and dedicated lady vice mayor, Tekila Grace DV. Alvarez. This activity not only features strong women of the city but as well as environment concerned individual as mothers or women have innate abilities to nurture as the new age imposes high risk to our nature’s need for a motherly nurture.

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