Science City Of Muñoz

NCAA Art Workshop

     The local government of the Science City of Muñoz lead by the Office of the City Mayor launched a heritage based art Jewelry Making Seminar in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and Arts, IDDP, St. Gabriel’s Workshop, UPICOB Inc. for the benefit of the Kababaihang Kinikilala sa Lungsod Agham ng Muñoz Incorporated (KAKILALA) headed by Ms. Analiza E Fulgencio. A seminar workshop conducted for women in crises or those who belong in the marginalized sector. An important consideration in the conduct of this workshop is the ability of the local government to sustain the industry of art started by the facilitators. This 5 day seminar run from February 10-14, 2014 and was held at the Science City of Muñoz session hall. The authorities responsible for conducting jewelry making seminars were Ms. Josephine Sta. Ana- Soriano, Executive Director, UPICOB. Inc., senior instructor of St. Gabriel’s Workshop; Ms. ImariBalatucan, Associate Instructor of St. Gabriel’s Workshop; Fr. Paolo Maria Diosdado Granados-Casurao, CSFP, Superior Cong. Regatio S. Francesco Peregrinorum, St. Gabriel’s Workshop Guild Chairman. An on the spot demonstration and all-out individual tutorials and supervision was given to all participants to bring-out their own creativity and passion in jewelry making, not just as a hobby, a kind of therapy but as a new business venture as well. All participants surely learned valuable information and picked the finest skills in this art applicable to improve their way of living as proven by their ability to produce high-class, beautiful, elegant and precious unique jewelries such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets personally.

     The best undertakingsand best authorities allied in specific line-up activities worth given to the constituents of the city as a continued effort of the local government to promote citizens welfare and to alleviate poverty. As jewelries are timeless, thus the demand for its production is endless; hence the need for a sustained support from the local government is a must to facilitate the growth of this industry at the same time assisting the women’s organization, KAKILALA.

     This February 2014, the Science City of Muñoz welcomes the industry of art through jewelry making in our municipality.

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